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Craftuo Site Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Khaybel, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. Khaybel

    Khaybel Administrator Staff Member

    Small Note to members, I've added few requested mods including the ability to now watch forum's vs just threads. I've added mobile support via Tapatalk plugin which supports most mobile devices including image uploads. And added "/ me" Command with out the space which will look like this.

    /me hopes you all enjoy update! Cheers
  2. Insanity

    Insanity Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome, thanks for the updates.

    /me Is happy that he can watch entire forums now. =D
  3. Kalamus

    Kalamus ServUO Developer Staff Member

    Woot, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for adding it. :D
  4. Insanity

    Insanity Administrator Staff Member


    /me Thinks Kalamus just subscribed to the entire forum.
  5. clark71822

    clark71822 New Member

    Interesting update. Keep up the good work. :D